Jeong-Do Менеджмент

Что такое LG Way?

LG Way represents LG’s corporate culture, a culture committed to realizing the company’s management philosophy. ‘Creating Value for Customers’ and management by ‘Respecting Human Dignity’ through the Jeong-Do Management code of conduct. LG Way makes it possible to fulfill the company’s ultimate vision ‘No.1 LG.’



LG’s vision is to become the market leading company with broad market recognition

Code of Conduct


LG will succeed through the constant development of capability based in ethical management

Философия менеджмента

Creating Value for Customers Respecting Human Dignity

LG’s management principles state the purpose of LG’s business activities, and also provide a basis for its operations

Что такое Jeong-Do Менеджмент?

“Jeong-Do Management” represents LG’s unique code of conduct. The company’s goal is to pursue long-term excellence on the basis of ethics management and fair competition. Jeong-Do Management does not only stand for ethics management. True Jeong-Do Management goes beyond ethics management. It encompasses producing substantial results with the knowledge to thrive in a competitive word.

Jeong-Do Management
LG Serves customers with integrity LG strives to build competence through innovation in order to provide greater value to customers Creating Value
for Customers
LG provides equal opportunities for its people LG rewards its people based on their capabilities and performance Respecting
Human Dignity